Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Art Walk- East Side

As we prepare for this Friday's Art Walk, we wanted to share a little more information about the artists and art you will see. You can view a complete list of participating locations here: 

Uptown Treasures- Dusty Snethen
            Dusty Snethen is a life long Kansas resident who credits his love of art to early days spent with crayons and coloring books. Eventually he would take his coloring skills to Kansas University where he majored in Commercial Art. There he quickly realized that he preferred to create art for himself as opposed for others and switched his major to education. “Too me art is very personal, and although I may paint subjects who are fairly mainstream, there is a deep personal reason for me choosing the characters, musicians, actors etc. that I select.” Dusty now teaches fifth grade in Topeka Kansas where he lives with his wife and two children.

Expressions- Brandee Longhofer

Quilting on the Square- Jackson Heights High School Students, teacher: Amy Maiers
            Hammered dulcimer music by Fred Appelhanz 
"I have been playing guitar (6 and 12 string) since 1975 and the hammer dulcimer since 2000. Also have written about 10 songs of my own material.
My style of music would be mostly Folk with a little Celtic."

August Art Walk- North Side

As we prepare for this Friday's Art Walk, we wanted to share a little more information about the artists and art you will see. You can view a complete list of participating locations here: 

North Side of Square
5th Street Sandwich Shoppe- Jennifer Bohlander
Jennifer Bohlander paints or draws what moves her to create, whether it be landscapes, portraits, animals, or flowers.

White Law Office- Cindy Reichle (also check out the mural in the alley!)
A Holton High School graduate, Cindy Reichle works in pencil, colored pencil, and paint. She has recently completed a mural on the back of White Law Office, visible from the alley.

Edward Jones- April Lemon
After dedicating 6 years to service in the Coast Guard and 20 years to family, April started pursuing her dream of becoming an artist. She is studying Glass at Emporia State University where she has participated in juried art shows and won the prestigious Art 96 Scholarship.
"An artist is someone who can look at what most see as a pile of junk and see beauty and meaning within the chaos, then take those elements that they have seen, put the pieces together in such a way as to share their vision with the world. I try to do this in my life as well as my art, and my hope is that when I someday leave this world that the people who have known me and my work might somehow be affected for the good."

Lee’s Flowers & Gifts- Holton High School Students, teacher: Cullen Jackson

Jim Hunley Studio- Jim Hunley
Jim Hunley Photography, located on the Square in Holton, Kansas, provides services to families wanting to preserve memories and commercial services to companies wanting to provide information through pictures.  Jim's love of photography has also resulted in many pictures of nature and architecture.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

7-15-2013 Minutes

Respectfully submitted by Carol Totten.
People attending: Sarah DeVader, Katie Morris, Rhett & Carol Totten, Linda Brownlow, Dave & Mary Schock, Jim Hunley.
Sarah D. called the meeting to order.
Minutes from last meeting were approved. 
Treasurer's Report:
            Dues paid: $12
            Expenses:            $279.91
No new business.
Fair booth discussed:
            Set-up time will be 1:30 pm on July 28th
            Ginnie S bringing picture tabs for hanging. Katie M bringing black cloth & cordless drill. Each person bring a piece of art to display that's not too valuable. Sarah D bringing a bench; Mary S will bring a trombone. Fred may bring some poetry. Jim H photography.
Art Walk Issues:
            Set-up in the Chamber of Commerce window.
            Make and hang up banner to advertize art walk on Aug. 30th, from 5 - 8 pm.
            Plywood-hinged sign to put on court house lawn- Sarah will call city for permission.
            Contact group on reservation to see if some children would like to display art.
            Carol T will contact Gerald Copeland to see if he will display again, and she will contact the Hutchins to see if we can display in their building again. She will also try to contact some HS students to see if they will play music around the square.
            A small group will meet at Sarah's on July 19th at 2 pm, about art walk plans.
            Q: What kind of advertisement for in the paper? Free advertizing on chan.4 through Giant Comm. Advertize in Topeka paper. Carol will call WIBW in Topeka about getting on the 5 pm early show with Ralph Hipp to announce the Art Walk. 
            Check about an art ad in the Holton Recorder, and maybe some about church newsletters.
            8X11" fliers will be printed up and placed around at businesses.
Katie moved to adjourn, Mary seconded; it passed.

Show and tell: Katie M colored pencil drawing of a duck; Carol T: mixed media; Jim H showed photos; Dave brought a Sunflower Game

6-17-13 Minutes

In Attendance: Suzette Rogers, Jim Hundley, Linda Brownell, Donna Kuti, Sandy Studebaker-Gilbert, Mary Schock, Carol Totten, Sarah DeVader, and Ginnie Schirmer
Treasurer report - remained same as prior month as no expenditures have been made.
New business- Motion to pay Fair Board for $25 for amateur and $25 for professional prize in Fine Arts Open Class. Sandy made the motion, and Linda/Donna both seconded.  There were none opposed. 
Old Business:
Fair Booth- Carol created several renditions of the storefront based upon last month's meeting.  The group reviewed these and decided on a brick fronted store with a cream colored interior, using the black cloth used last year as the "side walls".  Should everyone put in a piece of art?  Is it a possibility?  Due to the limited space on the rear wall of the booth/store, it's probably best to limit the size of the piece to 8x10 inches, and only display 6 pieces of art.  We will determine upon set up how many will fit. A bench will be placed in front of the "store" and it can be a resting spot for an instrument, some books, poetry. A poster on the storefront can announce the next art walk. Easels can be obtained from Mary Schock.  Dave is willing to cut out the plywood.  Sarah will provide the bench and check her stash for books.
In order to quickly facilitate this endeavor, those who are interested need to have a meeting very soon!  (NOTE: the group met at Carol and Rhett's on July 6th and painted all the boards. Katie is creating the poster.  Rhett and Dave will be present to set up the storefront on July 27th or 28th - whichever date is the one calendared by 4-H Fair Board.)
A proposed idea for next year is “Art for All”- we would create cardboard people who are doing something we might associate with art, and not limit it to traditional styles/types. 
Adjournment of meeting proposed by Sandy, seconded by Donna.  All in favor.
Sarah and Roger gave a great presentation on hypertufa planters.  As Roger explained the mixture is cement, peat moss and sand, he expanded on that and said the cement you need is Portland cement.  It was also suggested when making these great planter that you take care to cover your hands with heavy duty gloves because of the caustic compound of lime within the cement.  As the peat moss decays over time it adds to the pitted natural look of the pot.  The pots are extremely versatile and can be left outdoors all winter.  This means they can be planted with either annuals or perennials.  Our gardening imaginations took flight of little fairy gardens proposed by Sarah, I was thinking of little alpine plants.  Due to the lightweight nature of the pot, the real weight exists in the soil added to the pot and the plants.  As with all things made of a composite material, it’s best to wait 24-48 hours before removing the item used to model the pot.  Also to help with the curing, place the pot into a plastic bag and let it slowly dry.  With regard to the same and size of the planter, it’s only limited by your fancy, oh, and the support mold.  Decorations can be applied to the pot, and it was suggested to either glue them on after the pot is cured, or after you’ve experimented with a few pots, push any glass beads or items through the material from the center as you are building the pot.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

April 15, 2013 Minutes

In attendance: Fred Applehanz, Rhett Totten, Carol Totten, Dave Schock, Mary Schock, Sandy Studebacker Gilbert, Linda Brownlow, Kathleen Cobb, Katie Morris, Amy Cyphers, Sarah DeVader, Ginnie Schirmer and Donna Kuti.

Minutes from last month were approved as written.

There was a wonderful article in newspaper about Carol Totten and the book she’s written about the upcoming April Art Walk,  March minutes were on back page, and a second ad for the Art Walk.

Treasures report March ending balance was $614.66, April dues of $35.00 giving a ending balance of $649.66.

Art Walk committee report- A grant was submitted and approved from Jackson County Tourism Council.  This was used for some of the current Art Walk expenses; Holton Recorder ads, announcements on KNZA which includes the weekly listing, air market in Lawrence and with the non-profit ads; and usage of the JaCo Chamber sign on the highway.  Many thanks to JC Tourism for assisting with providing financial assistance.  The response from artists in many different formats has been wonderful and overwhelming.  To assist those partaking in the walk a copy of the Art Walk map will need to be printed for distribution.  Sandy will undertake this task. Contact has been made with all three high schools so students have a larger opportunity to showcase their work, whether it is in the 2-dimensional style, or performance arts.  Royal Valley High School responded to our invitation. Several artists who will be displaying work include Lori Huyett who paints in feathers.  Ms. Huyett lives in Topeka. Also noted was Art 96 scholarship winner, April Lemon. Jackson County Arts members wishing to have art pieces displayed at the Hutchinson Building should have them there by 5.

The next art walk will take place in August.  In order to keep people in the loop and let them know when Jackson County Arts is hosting and participating in events, notebooks will be placed at the different venues to start of listing of e-mails.  These will not be sold or shared in any format.  On the agenda is a sign for August 30th Art Walk which Katie Morris nominated Fred Lehmkuhl to create.  The committees to oversee the August Art Walk are: Katie and Amy to bring in artists, Carol & Suzette to assist; Sarah will work with the advertising.  Anyone wishing to assist is always welcome.  Two of the possible additions to the August Art Walk may be a chalk artist and there are thought of having a show with parent/child doing art work together. Kathleen's granddaughter was doing that last year, landscape switched with each other.  Mary and David showed painting they did of their granddaughter and Rosalie’s rendition of herself.  This idea is truly art for all ages.

In new business - Glory Days is set for May 25. Carol will chair the event and contact the court house for usage of the 1st floor to display art and coordinate workers and treats. Katie has some ideas for the 4-H Fair booth which will be set up on July 29th, coordination will be with Dave Schock. Ideas generated included a theme of promoting the art walk.  Stay tuned!  Mary moved to adjourn and Donna to seconded.  The next meeting will involve wooden clocks by Rhett.  

Sharing art included a pencil drawing by Katie from her college days, Mary shared a pastel portrait of her granddaughter, Dave brought painted portrait of their granddaughter, and Rosalie did a pencil self-portrait.  All three were very diverse in their expression.  Carol brought mixed media tissue paper, construction paper, varnish 3-D paintings with bright and airy feelings. Kathleen brought photos of St. Augustine. There were little girls on the beach who had tiny St. Patrick Day stickers on her arm.  She also had a beautiful and moody evening photo of Casa Monaco.  Sarah has been very busy wet felting paintings and three dimensional wine bottle cozies, which were given to local wine fund raiser.  Ginnie presented a painting done completely in yellow. Fred, alas, didn’t have a poem.  The evening art lesson was simple and astounding.  Katie presented a method of transferring photos via packing tape.  By placing a strip of packaging tape across the color part of a photo or magazine image, you can transfer it to any medium.  Using a blunt object, such as a ruler to pressed out any bubbles and adhere the tape firmly to the photo. Then placed into a bowl of warm water for at least five minutes, after which you gently rub the paper in a circular motion until all paper is removed. The image will remain on the tape, giving you endless possibilities for using it.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 19th Art Walk Participants

The next Jackson County Art Walk will be held Friday, April 19, 2013, from 5-8 PM. We hope to see you there! A map is coming soon but you can check out our list now.

Art and Demos
White Law Office- Michael Mize
Edward Jones- April Lemon
Lee’s Flower and Gift Shop- Royal Valley High School students
HR Block- 
Jim Hunley Studio (above HR Block)- Photography by Jim Hunley, Mike Clancy
Expressions- Theresa Shetler-Logan, Brandee Longhofer
Quilting on the Square- Martha Kistler
Chamber of Commerce- Holton High School students
Homestead Affordable Housing- Alexander Lancaster
The Alleyway Studio and Art Gallery (in the alley behind Lifetime Eyecare)- Photography show with The Wild Child Photography, Megan Rogers, and pottery by Vanessa Piper. Activity for “little artists”.
Jackson County Museum- Jack Forster, Marty Mavrovich, Joyce Shupe and historic paintings from their collection.
Hutchins’ Building- Jackson County Arts Member Show, Printmaking demonstration by Katie Morris
All Around Sweets- Lorie Fleming-Huyett, Sandy Studebaker
Rural Water District- Jackson Heights High School students
Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage- artwork by Carol Totten, Sarah Devader, Joyce Shupe, Kathleen Cobb, Nancy Van Donge. Demonstrations  of spinning wool into yarn and wool felting by Marty Mavrovich, Ginnie Schirmer, Sarah Devader. Native American wooden flutes- Steve Schilt
Countryside Studios, 112 S. Iowa- Gerald Copeland’s wood carvings

Thorpe & McElroy- Lee's Flower & Gift Shop
Halbleib family- Lifetime Eyecare
Fred Appelhanz- Quilting on the Square

Saturday, April 6, 2013

March 18, 2013 Minutes

Attendance: Joyce Shupe, Dave and Mary Schock, Sarah DeVader, April Lemon, Carol and Rhett Totten, Sandy Studebacker, Donna Kuti, Suzette McCord-Rogers and Ginnie Schirmer 

Treasurers Report – Beginning balance$ 468.66, Dues collected $145. Balance on hand -
$613.66.  Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report - Suzette proposed, Mary second, passed.
Dues collected from Sandy Studebacker, and Ginnie Schirmer
President report: Apologies for the short notice of the cancelled meeting last month, February 2013.
Old business: Art Walk is coming!  April 19th!
Suzette is securing the Hutchinson building. Katie shared the most current list of participating artists and locations. Katie is checking with those who participated in the August Art Walk.  Sarah advised that she’d talked to QOTS owners and they will have art/quilts works at their store. Brenda from Rural Water Co.  said they would also have window space available. Homestead needs a gallery of paintings. We want to talk to Tom about putting out a call for artists in August. The Halbleib family will be playing blue grass again.  JC Historical Society has two ** Forester paintings, and some things from the Campbell College.  They are redoing the museum and would like to have it open.
Carol Totten will call the Holton High School band teacher to see if students would be interested in playing, possibly on the north side of the square. The groups don’t need to be formal groups, let band students volunteer.  These would probably be students who are competing at higher level. 

Sarah will oversee the daytime coordination of the places and students/artists.  Holding the Art Walk 2 times a year is a really good start.  Participation isn’t limited to just Jackson County residents.  

Gerald Copeland has a nice studio, perhaps it could be added to the listing of those open.
Carol Totten will submit an article for the newspaper. Purpose, vision, enjoy the art. Tourism Council has updated their grants. Money is available, with the stipulation it be used only for advertising.  Usage of the lighted billboard on Highway 75 is approximately $50 a week, and the rates could be less for non-profits. 

New business:
Mary and Dave Shock wanted to discuss the 4-H Fair Book as it relates to the art section. Mary would like to propose that the teacher be there when the judging is done.  This would be outside the scope of JCA to dictate to the Fair Board who is present during the judging. Discussion included the classes and categories currently within the JC 4-H Open Class section.  Dave discussed the number of entries within each class. Entries are limited one per class and there is a limitation on the size of the piece of 2-D art.  It was thought that the addition of a miscellaneous category would assist artists who’s work in 2-D doesn't fit into another category.

Propose a cash award from JCA for the best in show 18 and under.  Sandy said she'd like to donate the money. JCA Fair booth will be part of the course of discussion next time.

Presenting- Steve Schilt – Native American Wooden Flutes.  Background information – Steve is part Native American, he grew up on the Western Coast of the States and now lives near Mayetta on 158th Road, and has been making flutes for six years.  He was storing tools used to make flutes for a friend.  Through that friendship he learned to use the tools.  In his life he worked in logging.  As a young man working in the logging industry, there were long stretches time while waited for semi-trucks to pass through, so he taught himself to whittle wood.  Life comes full circle to making flutes from wood.  The flute is an ancient instrument, haling back to before Biblical times. There was a flute made from an elephant tusk in the area of the Danube.  The sound of a flute emits from the flow of air through the slow air chamber, there is a split in the area as air compresses due to pressure being forced through the chamber and out the holes situated a specific points on the tube.  A very gregarious man who likes to socialize, he has presented at Kansas Historical Museum in Topeka for periods of up to two weeks, has shown in five of the surrounding states. Worked different shows, the largest of which there were over three thousand people in attendance.  Steve likes present at living history events, usually in the 1800’s time period which can be fun, but also exhausting.  He has a teepee which he erects for the historical events For these events he prepares several different sizes of flutes and product so he has a variety and sufficient product for everyone attending.  He has a smaller flute based on a Hawaiian cane flute, small whistle made from either wood or a deer antler, and walking stick flutes.  He also works to achieve specific notes within each flute – most are F or G, but he’s also worked with D, A and C notes. Because Steve has figured out a method to create each part of the flute making process, he can make a flute in 45 minutes.  He has even carved a totem pole flute, which isn’t for sale.  Steve brought with him a hand carved turtle flute and multiple animal totems ranging from owls, eagles, ducks, and bears.  He has even carved otters.

Next meeting: Monday, April 15, 2013 at Sarah's Enchanted Cottage.

Monday, January 28, 2013

April 2013 Art Walk!

The next Jackson County Art Walk is set for Friday, April 19, 2013, from 5-8 PM.
In an effort to streamline collecting information from artists and musicians to help pair them with businesses for the Art Walk, we have developed a short "Interest Form". Please fill out and email to the Art Walk Committee or deliver in person to Sarah's Enchanted Cottage during business hours.

If you represent a business interested in participating, please read the following letter to businesses.
Jackson County Arts

January 21, 2013
Hello, Business Owners!

Last August, Jackson County Arts put on the very first Jackson County Art Walk. We had over 20 businesses and more than 35 artists and musicians participate. We estimate that at least 250 people from the community and neighboring communities were out to enjoy the Arts on our town square. We were very pleased with our first attempt and will use what we learned as we move forward on future Art Walks. We are grateful to all the businesses that showed support for the Arts in August and hope that even more will help the event grow!

We are planning the next Jackson County Art Walk for Friday, April 19, 2013 from 5:00-8:00 PM.

There are several ways in which a business can participate or support the next Jackson County Art Walk.
1.     Personally invite an artist or artists to show at your location. If you have contact with an artist, you are welcome to set up all the details and have work on display during the Art Walk.
2.     Invite a musician or musical group to perform inside or in front of your location.
3.     Host a Show- You could pick a theme and put out a “call for artists” then choose your favorites to display. You can have an “opening” during the Art Walk.
4.     Allow Jackson County Arts to set you up with an artist or musician. We have put together an “Interest Form” to collect names of interested artists and musicians so we can try to pair them with businesses. If you are interested, we can give you the contact information so that you and the artist can figure out the details for setting up.
5.     Sponsor a refreshment table or hands-on activity.

Things to think about
·      If you do set up your own artist, please let Jackson County Arts know so that we can include you on our official Art Walk list.
·      Whether or not you choose to have your storefront open during the Art Walk is up to you. If you are not able to be open, you can still participate by displaying work in your window so that it can be seen from the sidewalk or letting an artist or musician demonstrate or play in front.
·      While most of the Art Walk event will be on the town square, we are interested in other venues participating. You do not have to be located on the square to show Art.
·      If you invite an artist or musician, they do not have to be from Jackson County.
·      Jackson County Arts will be responsible for putting together an official Art Walk Map. You do not need to pay anything for this.

Supporting the Arts is good for communities and good for businesses.
Randy Cohen from Americans for the Arts compiled a list of 10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2012 ( Included in the top 10 were:

Arts are good for local merchants. The typical arts attendee spends $24.60 per person, per event, not including the cost of admission on items such as meals, parking, and babysitters. Non-local arts audiences (who live outside the county) spend nearly twice as much as local arts attendees ($39.96 vs. $17.42)—valuable revenue for local businesses and the community.
Arts are the cornerstone of tourismArts travelers are ideal tourists—they stay longer and spend more. The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that the percentage of international travelers including museum visits on their trip has grown annually since 2003 (17 to 24 percent), while the share attending concerts and theater performances increased five of the past seven years (13 to 17 percent since 2003).
Stronger communitiesUniversity of Pennsylvania researchers have demonstrated that a high concentration of the arts in a city leads to higher civic engagement, more social cohesion, higher child welfare, and lower poverty rates. A vibrant arts community ensures that young people are not left to be raised solely in a pop culture and tabloid marketplace.

We really hope our community can work together to support the Arts through the next Jackson County Art Walk. If you would like to participate, please let us know by contacting an Art Walk Chairperson.
            Amy Cyphers-
            Katie Morris-
            Sarah Devader-

Thank you for your support!
Jackson County Art Walk Committee