Jackson County Art Walk

The next Jackson County Art Walk will be held Friday, August 29th, from 5-8 PM. We hope to see you there! A map will be published the week of the Art Walk and will be available at several stops around the square. Here is our awesome lineup.

Jhett's Pizza
C.L. Riley
Cowboy paintings by C.L. Riley
Hutchins Bldg
Peace Pals International, Hands-on art activity
Children's art from 83 different countries, Free will donation printmaking activity from 5-7
Dream Rocket Art from the Banner Creek Science Center
Space themed art that will be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center and Franklin Institute before wrapping the Saturn V. Moon Rocket in 2015
Sarah Devader, Pin EllaP, Peggy Bass of Bohemian Gypsy Studio
Sarah Devader will show mixed media and fiber artwork. Pin EllaP will display handcrafted dolls. Peggy Bass of Bohemain Gypsy Studio will show fused glass and fiber art.
Chris Heineken
Acoustic music
Carolyn Bartlett
Detailed Cross Stitch artwork.
White Law
Cindy Reichle, Joni White
Paintings and drawings by Cindy Reichle, Jewelry with vintage elements by Joni White
April Lemon
Glass work and sculptures by April Lemon.
Dick Lake
Katie Child
Photorealistic and landscape paintings by Katie Child, art student at Washburn University.
Lee's Flower
Multiple artists
Fantastic Flora Art Show
The Chop Shop
Kendra Cadue
Dark Themes- acrylic paintings by Kendra Cadue.
Hot Spot
Joshua Cochran
Artist working with ink on canvas, including shoes and tote bags.
H&R Block
Shirl Akers
Paintings from NE Kansas freelance artist Shirl Akers.
Jim Hunley's Studio
Jim Hunley Photography and Right Now is Forever Wedding Photography by Jessica Kent.
Uptown Treasures
Alex Lancaster
Airbrush Paintings by Alex Lancaster, owner of Two Wolves Artist Den in NOTO.
Mexican Rest. Outside
Hector and Sherri Sanchez
Live music
Sandy Studebaker-Gilbert
Oil paintings by Sandy Studebaker-Gilbert.
Miller Law
Dave Snyder
Unique handmade wooden toys
Quilting on the Square
Winning 4H quilts from several counties, Fred Appelhanz
Winning 4H quilts from several area counties. Fred Appelhanz on the hammered dulcimer.
Heart to Home
Kathleen Cobb
Holton artist Kathleen Cobb will display acrylic and oil paintings.
Holton Recorder
John Holcomb and Trevor Matthews
Presidential Portraits by John Holcomb and his student, Trevor Matthews.
Brad LeDuc
Featured Artist- Painter, http://www.bradleduc.com
Lifetime Eye Care
The Wild Child Photography
Artwork by The Wild Child Photography
6 Plus One
Cassie Holt
Handbuilt ceramics by Cassie Holt, Art Therapy student at Emporia State.
JaCo Museum
J.W. McManigal
Historic " Farm Town" Photographs
Hotel Josephine
Barbara Janes & quilters
oil paintings & pencil sketches, quilts
Holton National Bank
Gary Bell and the Fence Row Special
JaCo Arts Members, Halbleib family, Sandy's students
Group shows by members of Jackson County Arts, students of Sandy Studebaker-Gilbert, and live music provided by the Halbleib family.
Countryside Studios 112 S. Iowa
Gerald Copeland, Joyce Shupe
Award winning artist Gerald Copeland will show wood carvings and sculptures in his studio. Paintings by local artist Joyce Shupe.

If you are interested in participating in future Art Walks, check out the information below.
In an effort to streamline collecting information from artists and musicians to help pair them with businesses for the Art Walk, we have developed a short "Interest Form". Please fill out and email to the Art Walk Committee or deliver in person to Sarah's Enchanted Cottage during business hours.

If you represent a business interested in participating, please read the following letter to businesses.

Jackson County Arts

January 21, 2013
Hello, Business Owners!

Last August, Jackson County Arts put on the very first Jackson County Art Walk. We had over 20 businesses and more than 35 artists and musicians participate. We estimate that at least 250 people from the community and neighboring communities were out to enjoy the Arts on our town square. We were very pleased with our first attempt and will use what we learned as we move forward on future Art Walks. We are grateful to all the businesses that showed support for the Arts in August and hope that even more will help the event grow!

We are planning the next Jackson County Art Walk for Friday, April 19, 2013 from 5:00-8:00 PM.

There are several ways in which a business can participate or support the next Jackson County Art Walk.
1.     Personally invite an artist or artists to show at your location. If you have contact with an artist, you are welcome to set up all the details and have work on display during the Art Walk.
2.     Invite a musician or musical group to perform inside or in front of your location.
3.     Host a Show- You could pick a theme and put out a “call for artists” then choose your favorites to display. You can have an “opening” during the Art Walk.
4.     Allow Jackson County Arts to set you up with an artist or musician. We have put together an “Interest Form” to collect names of interested artists and musicians so we can try to pair them with businesses. If you are interested, we can give you the contact information so that you and the artist can figure out the details for setting up.
5.     Sponsor a refreshment table or hands-on activity.

Things to think about
·      If you do set up your own artist, please let Jackson County Arts know so that we can include you on our official Art Walk list.
·      Whether or not you choose to have your storefront open during the Art Walk is up to you. If you are not able to be open, you can still participate by displaying work in your window so that it can be seen from the sidewalk or letting an artist or musician demonstrate or play in front.
·      While most of the Art Walk event will be on the town square, we are interested in other venues participating. You do not have to be located on the square to show Art.
·      If you invite an artist or musician, they do not have to be from Jackson County.
·      Jackson County Arts will be responsible for putting together an official Art Walk Map. You do not need to pay anything for this.

Supporting the Arts is good for communities and good for businesses.
Randy Cohen from Americans for the Arts compiled a list of 10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2012 (http://blog.artsusa.org/2012/04/11/10-reasons-to-support-the-arts-in-2012-from-arts-watch/) . Included in the top 10 were:

Arts are good for local merchants. The typical arts attendee spends $24.60 per person, per event, not including the cost of admission on items such as meals, parking, and babysitters. Non-local arts audiences (who live outside the county) spend nearly twice as much as local arts attendees ($39.96 vs. $17.42)—valuable revenue for local businesses and the community.
Arts are the cornerstone of tourism. Arts travelers are ideal tourists—they stay longer and spend more. The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that the percentage of international travelers including museum visits on their trip has grown annually since 2003 (17 to 24 percent), while the share attending concerts and theater performances increased five of the past seven years (13 to 17 percent since 2003).
Stronger communities. University of Pennsylvania researchers have demonstrated that a high concentration of the arts in a city leads to higher civic engagement, more social cohesion, higher child welfare, and lower poverty rates. A vibrant arts community ensures that young people are not left to be raised solely in a pop culture and tabloid marketplace.

We really hope our community can work together to support the Arts through the next Jackson County Art Walk. If you would like to participate, please let us know by contacting an Art Walk Chairperson.
            Amy Cyphers- CyphersPhoto@gmail.com
            Katie Morris- Catharine.Morris@yahoo.com
            Sarah Devader- Sarah@sarahsonline.com

Thank you for your support!
Jackson County Art Walk Committee 

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