Thursday, May 9, 2013

April 15, 2013 Minutes

In attendance: Fred Applehanz, Rhett Totten, Carol Totten, Dave Schock, Mary Schock, Sandy Studebacker Gilbert, Linda Brownlow, Kathleen Cobb, Katie Morris, Amy Cyphers, Sarah DeVader, Ginnie Schirmer and Donna Kuti.

Minutes from last month were approved as written.

There was a wonderful article in newspaper about Carol Totten and the book she’s written about the upcoming April Art Walk,  March minutes were on back page, and a second ad for the Art Walk.

Treasures report March ending balance was $614.66, April dues of $35.00 giving a ending balance of $649.66.

Art Walk committee report- A grant was submitted and approved from Jackson County Tourism Council.  This was used for some of the current Art Walk expenses; Holton Recorder ads, announcements on KNZA which includes the weekly listing, air market in Lawrence and with the non-profit ads; and usage of the JaCo Chamber sign on the highway.  Many thanks to JC Tourism for assisting with providing financial assistance.  The response from artists in many different formats has been wonderful and overwhelming.  To assist those partaking in the walk a copy of the Art Walk map will need to be printed for distribution.  Sandy will undertake this task. Contact has been made with all three high schools so students have a larger opportunity to showcase their work, whether it is in the 2-dimensional style, or performance arts.  Royal Valley High School responded to our invitation. Several artists who will be displaying work include Lori Huyett who paints in feathers.  Ms. Huyett lives in Topeka. Also noted was Art 96 scholarship winner, April Lemon. Jackson County Arts members wishing to have art pieces displayed at the Hutchinson Building should have them there by 5.

The next art walk will take place in August.  In order to keep people in the loop and let them know when Jackson County Arts is hosting and participating in events, notebooks will be placed at the different venues to start of listing of e-mails.  These will not be sold or shared in any format.  On the agenda is a sign for August 30th Art Walk which Katie Morris nominated Fred Lehmkuhl to create.  The committees to oversee the August Art Walk are: Katie and Amy to bring in artists, Carol & Suzette to assist; Sarah will work with the advertising.  Anyone wishing to assist is always welcome.  Two of the possible additions to the August Art Walk may be a chalk artist and there are thought of having a show with parent/child doing art work together. Kathleen's granddaughter was doing that last year, landscape switched with each other.  Mary and David showed painting they did of their granddaughter and Rosalie’s rendition of herself.  This idea is truly art for all ages.

In new business - Glory Days is set for May 25. Carol will chair the event and contact the court house for usage of the 1st floor to display art and coordinate workers and treats. Katie has some ideas for the 4-H Fair booth which will be set up on July 29th, coordination will be with Dave Schock. Ideas generated included a theme of promoting the art walk.  Stay tuned!  Mary moved to adjourn and Donna to seconded.  The next meeting will involve wooden clocks by Rhett.  

Sharing art included a pencil drawing by Katie from her college days, Mary shared a pastel portrait of her granddaughter, Dave brought painted portrait of their granddaughter, and Rosalie did a pencil self-portrait.  All three were very diverse in their expression.  Carol brought mixed media tissue paper, construction paper, varnish 3-D paintings with bright and airy feelings. Kathleen brought photos of St. Augustine. There were little girls on the beach who had tiny St. Patrick Day stickers on her arm.  She also had a beautiful and moody evening photo of Casa Monaco.  Sarah has been very busy wet felting paintings and three dimensional wine bottle cozies, which were given to local wine fund raiser.  Ginnie presented a painting done completely in yellow. Fred, alas, didn’t have a poem.  The evening art lesson was simple and astounding.  Katie presented a method of transferring photos via packing tape.  By placing a strip of packaging tape across the color part of a photo or magazine image, you can transfer it to any medium.  Using a blunt object, such as a ruler to pressed out any bubbles and adhere the tape firmly to the photo. Then placed into a bowl of warm water for at least five minutes, after which you gently rub the paper in a circular motion until all paper is removed. The image will remain on the tape, giving you endless possibilities for using it.  

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