Saturday, April 6, 2013

March 18, 2013 Minutes

Attendance: Joyce Shupe, Dave and Mary Schock, Sarah DeVader, April Lemon, Carol and Rhett Totten, Sandy Studebacker, Donna Kuti, Suzette McCord-Rogers and Ginnie Schirmer 

Treasurers Report – Beginning balance$ 468.66, Dues collected $145. Balance on hand -
$613.66.  Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report - Suzette proposed, Mary second, passed.
Dues collected from Sandy Studebacker, and Ginnie Schirmer
President report: Apologies for the short notice of the cancelled meeting last month, February 2013.
Old business: Art Walk is coming!  April 19th!
Suzette is securing the Hutchinson building. Katie shared the most current list of participating artists and locations. Katie is checking with those who participated in the August Art Walk.  Sarah advised that she’d talked to QOTS owners and they will have art/quilts works at their store. Brenda from Rural Water Co.  said they would also have window space available. Homestead needs a gallery of paintings. We want to talk to Tom about putting out a call for artists in August. The Halbleib family will be playing blue grass again.  JC Historical Society has two ** Forester paintings, and some things from the Campbell College.  They are redoing the museum and would like to have it open.
Carol Totten will call the Holton High School band teacher to see if students would be interested in playing, possibly on the north side of the square. The groups don’t need to be formal groups, let band students volunteer.  These would probably be students who are competing at higher level. 

Sarah will oversee the daytime coordination of the places and students/artists.  Holding the Art Walk 2 times a year is a really good start.  Participation isn’t limited to just Jackson County residents.  

Gerald Copeland has a nice studio, perhaps it could be added to the listing of those open.
Carol Totten will submit an article for the newspaper. Purpose, vision, enjoy the art. Tourism Council has updated their grants. Money is available, with the stipulation it be used only for advertising.  Usage of the lighted billboard on Highway 75 is approximately $50 a week, and the rates could be less for non-profits. 

New business:
Mary and Dave Shock wanted to discuss the 4-H Fair Book as it relates to the art section. Mary would like to propose that the teacher be there when the judging is done.  This would be outside the scope of JCA to dictate to the Fair Board who is present during the judging. Discussion included the classes and categories currently within the JC 4-H Open Class section.  Dave discussed the number of entries within each class. Entries are limited one per class and there is a limitation on the size of the piece of 2-D art.  It was thought that the addition of a miscellaneous category would assist artists who’s work in 2-D doesn't fit into another category.

Propose a cash award from JCA for the best in show 18 and under.  Sandy said she'd like to donate the money. JCA Fair booth will be part of the course of discussion next time.

Presenting- Steve Schilt – Native American Wooden Flutes.  Background information – Steve is part Native American, he grew up on the Western Coast of the States and now lives near Mayetta on 158th Road, and has been making flutes for six years.  He was storing tools used to make flutes for a friend.  Through that friendship he learned to use the tools.  In his life he worked in logging.  As a young man working in the logging industry, there were long stretches time while waited for semi-trucks to pass through, so he taught himself to whittle wood.  Life comes full circle to making flutes from wood.  The flute is an ancient instrument, haling back to before Biblical times. There was a flute made from an elephant tusk in the area of the Danube.  The sound of a flute emits from the flow of air through the slow air chamber, there is a split in the area as air compresses due to pressure being forced through the chamber and out the holes situated a specific points on the tube.  A very gregarious man who likes to socialize, he has presented at Kansas Historical Museum in Topeka for periods of up to two weeks, has shown in five of the surrounding states. Worked different shows, the largest of which there were over three thousand people in attendance.  Steve likes present at living history events, usually in the 1800’s time period which can be fun, but also exhausting.  He has a teepee which he erects for the historical events For these events he prepares several different sizes of flutes and product so he has a variety and sufficient product for everyone attending.  He has a smaller flute based on a Hawaiian cane flute, small whistle made from either wood or a deer antler, and walking stick flutes.  He also works to achieve specific notes within each flute – most are F or G, but he’s also worked with D, A and C notes. Because Steve has figured out a method to create each part of the flute making process, he can make a flute in 45 minutes.  He has even carved a totem pole flute, which isn’t for sale.  Steve brought with him a hand carved turtle flute and multiple animal totems ranging from owls, eagles, ducks, and bears.  He has even carved otters.

Next meeting: Monday, April 15, 2013 at Sarah's Enchanted Cottage.

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