Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Minutes

Jackson County Arts Minutes

Jackson County Arts met Monday, November 14, 2011 at 6:00 PM at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. Members present were Katie Morris, David Schock, Mary Schock, Kathleen Cobb, Sarah Devader, Suzette McCord-Rogers, Gin Fox, Donna Kuti, Marty Mavrovich, Linda Brownlow, and Carol Totten.

Treasurer’s Report
Cash on hand as of 11-14-11 is $642.30.

Old Business/Election
New officers were elected for 2012.
President- Sarah Devder
Vice President/Program Director- Gin Fox
Treasurer- David Schock
Secretary- Katie Morris

New Business
We decided not to meet in December. Our next meeting will be Monday, January 10, 2012, 6:00 PM at Sarah’s. We brainstormed ideas for 2012
·      Continue to host Art shows during Glory Days and Fall Fest
·      If we have another juried show, it would be beneficial to have a critique with the judge
·      Have a Fair Booth with something for kids
·      Plan some sort of music event
·      Altered Book show, possibly at the library (Katie will check on this)
·      Help with the Barn Tour (if the Historical Society wants) and maybe have a Barn Art contest for kids
·      Kids’ Art day
·      Swap “secret ingredient” bags and make something out of it before the next meeting
·      Draw something from life at a meeting
·      Paint while listening to music
·      Let kids “Ask an Artist”
·      More “challenges” for members
At our January meeting, we will have a snack potluck and write personal artistic goals for the new year.

Marty is painting windows around the square Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday approximately 11-4:30, weather permitting. If you want to help, find Marty or call Sarah to see if she is painting.

Show and Tell
Katie brought a tempera landscape painting. Mary showed more butterfly quilt blocks. Kathleen shared some drawings created during her Mediteranian cruise. Linda is gearing up to paint a picture of a house. Carol is working on a children’s book. Sarah made a baby hat. Suzette is working on a pastel drawing- “Gateway into the Magic World”.  Gin has been writing at home and wants to finish painting a portrait. She has also been reading to kids at the schools. Donna has been working on crocheting and beadwork and told us about NaNoWriMo ( Marty has been working on painting windows around the square.

Next Meeting: Monday, January 10, 2012, 6:00 PM at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Minutes and Fall Fest Photos

Jackson County Arts met Monday, October 10, 2011, at 6:00 pm at Buzzards.  Members present included Katie Morris, Suzette McCord-Rogers, Linda Brownlow, Mary Schock, David Schock, Rosalie Wilkerson, Donna Kuti, Sandra Studebaker, Carol Totten, Gin Fox, Fred Appelhanz, Kathleen Cobb, Kelcie Matousek, and Brook Wilt.

Treasurer’s Report:
Balance as of 09-12-11: $597.30
Cash on hand as of 10-10-11: $567.30

Old Business:
Fall Fest- We had 22 works of art displayed during the Art show.  Fred and Nelson provided live music.  Our Scarecrow (Vincent van Scarecrow) won 1st place in the Scarecrow contest and that includes a $75 prize.

Barn Tour ( Suzette put in a request for Vincent van Scarecrow to greet visitors attending the Barn Tour.  We no longer need to bring cookies for the Barn Tour as All Around Sweets is providing the afternoon snack.  Sonic and Trails  are also providing refreshments.  Art show at Whiting Community Center during the barn tour lunch.  Please drop off artwork by Thursday evening 10/13 at Sarah’s.  Dona will bring artwork back to town after the show.  David and Mary will deliver easels.  Please label your artwork- it is ok to include a price on the label.  94 people are registered for the barn tour, 85 are from out of county.

Show and Tell:
Sandy shared that her class’s show at Porter D. Smith photography has been a hit.  Gin showed part of her miniature barn collection that will be used as centerpieces for the barn tour lunch.  Kathleen showed an acrylic painting that she created on location yesterday.  Katie showed a shirt that she “reverse tie-dyed”. Rosalie showed a graphite drawing of a cat.  Mary showed another butterfly quilt block.  David showed a photograph he brought back from a recent trip to the Grand Canyon.

Next Meeting:
The next Jackson County Arts meeting will be Monday, November 14, 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage.  At our November meeting we will be holding our officer election for 2012.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Minutes

Jackson County Arts met Monday, September 12, 2011, at 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. Members present included Sarah Devader, Katie Morris, Nelson Bontrager, Gin Fox, Sandy Studebaker, Suzette McCord-Rogers, Rosalie Wilkerson, David Schock, and Mary Schock. And Donna Kuti.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance 8-8-11: $794.48, Cash on hand as of 9-12-11: $597.30

Sarah made and Sandy seconded a movement to pay Donna for creating Barn Tour posters. The movement passed.

Old Business:

Fall Fest- Saturday October 8th. We decided to enter the scarecrow contest this year. Katie volunteered to construct a head for our scarecrow. Drop off time for the Art show will start at 9:00 am and work should be in place by 9:30 am. The show will be open to the public from 10:00 am-1:00 pm. Artwork should be picked up at 1:00 pm, not before. Fred Appelhanz and Nelson Bontrager will be providing musical entertainment during the show. Members may bring up to 3 pieces of artwork to display. Work should be labeled with the artists Name, Title of the work, and Medium. Two-dimensional work will be hung on peg board. Three-dimensional work is also encouraged but artists will need to bring their own stand or other display. You must be a member of Jackson County Arts to show work. Membership fees are $12 and may be paid the day of the show.

Barn Tour ( Planning is going well. 72 seats have already been filled! Jackson County Arts members are being asked to contribute 2 dozen cookies for Barn Tour refreshments. You can drop off cookies on Wednesday, 10/12/11 at Sarah’s. An Art show will be held during the Barn Tour at the Whiting Community Center. If you have artwork that reflects a barn, landscape, or Kansas theme, email Suzette McCord Rogers ( with your intention to contribute work so they can plan accordingly. Drop off work for the show by Thursday, 10/13/11 at Sarah’s. Donna volunteered to bring artwork back to Holton.

Show and Tell:

Mary showed recent butterfly quilt blocks. Katie showed a sunflower photograph. Sarah showed polymer clay quilt jewelry. David showed 3 photographs. Nelson showed some computer design work and played a song that he wrote. Gin showed photos of her barn with paintings hung.

Katie moved to adjourn the business meeting and Nelson seconded the motion. The motion carried and the program began.


Sarah invited Joyce Pierson, Topeka, to talk about rug hooking. Joyce has been rug hooking for about 9 years and brought several pieces to show. Her favorite things to hook are bags. For materials, Joyce uses burlap, monk’s cloth, or linen to hook on. She enjoys making her own patterns and often draws inspiration from her grandchildren’s artwork.

Next Meeting:

The next Jackson County Arts meeting will be Monday, October 10, 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Minutes

Jackson County Arts met Monday, August 8, 2011, at 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. Members present included Sarah Devader, Katie Morris, Nelson Bontrager, Kathleen Cobb, Gin Fox, Sandy Studebaker, Suzette McCord-Rogers, David Schock, and Mary Schock.

Treasurer’s Report

Movements were made, seconded, and passed to reimburse David and Suzette for expenses related to the Jackson County Barn Tour (

Old Business

Fair awards provided by Jackson County Arts went to Rosalie Wilkerson, Jacob Thornburg, Kathleen Cobb, and Kelsie Matousek.

New Business

Fall Fest is Saturday October 8th. We briefly discussed the scarecrow contest but have not heard details yet. David will need help the day before to get tables set up at the Courthouse for the Art show. We will use tables and easels for display and decided to keep the guidelines the same as our Glory Days Show: must be or become a member of Jackson County Arts to show up to two pieces of Art.

Show and Tell

Kathleen and David both showed acrylic landscape paintings. Sarah showed some mixed media work. Mary showed a watercolor painting. Nelson showed some graphic design projects and sang a song.


Katie presented a program on Altered Books. She showed an altered book that she finished and showed at the fair in Open Class and shared other ideas and techniques with the group. You can view examples of Altered Books on Katie’s Pinterest board:

View Katie's altered book here:

Next Meeting

The next Jackson County Arts meeting will be Monday, September 12, 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jackson County Arts Minutes July 11, 2011

Jackson County Arts met Monday, July 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm. Present were Katie Morris, Carol Totten, Donna Kuti, Kathleen Cobb, Mary Schock,Marian Stevens, Suzette McCord-Rogers, Linda Brownlow, Sandy Studebaker, Kelcie Matousek, Gin Fox, Sarah Devader, and Rosalie Wilkerson.

Treasurer’s Report: There was no change from our last meeting. Cash on hand is $294.48.

Old Business: Discussed Fair Booth. We will set up our booth at 1:00 on Sunday July 24th at the Fair Building. Theme: Art is Ageless.

Katie has created a blog for the Jackson County Barn Tour that Jackson County Arts and theHistorical Society are working on. Suzette reported that we did receive a grant to be used for advertising the tour. Gin has wood cut outs for the Paint Your Barn tour with Kansas Barn Alliance and is looking for individuals or small groups to help paint them.

Show and Tell: Rosalie showed several photographs she will be entering in the fair for 4H. Katie showed a photograph from her recently completed photography course, a series of flowers photographed at night. ( Carol showed a book that she has written and illustrated, “Terrible T Turns Terrible.”

Program: Sarah talked about methods for preserving wild flowers. For pressing flowers, you should pick flowers (as long as they are not endangered) mid-morning for best results and use an old book or press. Wax paper is not the best choice since the goal isto remove the moisture. Whole flowers can be dried upright or hanging upside down so that the moisture slowly evaporates or can be covered entirely with silica gel. Sarah showed a sample of artwork she has created that incorporates flowers and natural materials.

Next meeting: Monday, August 8, 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jackson County Arts on the Prairie


Photos from our June meeting. Enjoy!

June Meeting

Jackson County Arts Minutes

June 13, 2011

Jackson County Arts met Monday, June 12, 2011 at 6:00 pm. The meeting was held on Roger and Sarah Devader’s property. In attendance were Mary Schock, David Schock, Katie Morris, Kathleen Cobb, Linda Brownlow, Suzette McCord-Rogers, Roger Devader, Sara Devader, and Dona Kuti.

Secretary’s Report: We had 7 new members join at Glory Days and displayed 29 pieces of Art with 2 musicians playing. A piece of paper was put out so the public could leave comments. The comments included a request for a music event, a statement that we need better lighting, and a compliment saying we are doing a nice job already.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance on 05-09-2011 was $434.79.

$67 dues received

$25 miscellaneous receipts

$232.31 expenses for Westside Stamp & Awards, Jackson County Fair awards, Glory Days Art Show judge payment.

Cash on hand as of 06-13-2011 was $294.48

Old Business- Suzette reported that she is applying for a Tourism grant to be used for advertising the Jackson County Barn Tour on our behalf.

New Business- Discussed ideas for a booth at the fair focusing on Advocacy. We will plan to set up our booth Sunday, July 24 in the afternoon. Suzette requested artwork featuring barns from Jackson County for the barn tour’s fair booth. We discussed ideas for a musical event in 2012. We will try to get in touch with the Mainstreet director to see if we can work together.

Program: Roger talked about native prairies and gave a history of their property. Sarah introduced a variety of prairie flowers. Members took photographs and made artwork in the prairie then we adjourned for refreshments.

Next meeting: Monday, July 11, 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Jackson County Arts Minutes May 2011

Jackson County Arts met Monday, May 9, 2011 at 6:00 pm at Buzzards Pizza. In attendance were Sandy Studebaker, Katie Morris, Linda Brownlow, Carol Totten, Fred Appelhanz, Nelson Bontrager, Mary Schock, David Schock, Sally Heald, and Suzette McCord-Rogers.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance at last meeting $445.79. $12 were received in dues, $2.00 in miscellaneous receipts, $25 in expenses to leave $434.79 cash on hand as of 5-9-11.

Old Business

David showed the ribbons that were ordered for the Glory Days Art Show. We ordered ribbons for Best of Show, 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and 4th place (exhibitor.) The cost of the ribbons was $82.31. Sandy moved to pay David for the expense of the ribbons, Linda seconded the movement and it passed.

The Glory Days Art Show will be Saturday, May 28th at the Courthouse. We will open at 9:00 for drop off of artwork. Artwork should be delivered and set up by 9:30. The show will be open to the public from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm. Artists can pick up their artwork at 2:00. Members volunteered to bring a batch of cookies for refreshments. Fred and Nelson will be providing music on the guitar from 11:00-1:00.

Reminder that artists can show 2 pieces of work and are asked to bring their own stand or easel for display. We want to clarify that more than paintings can be shown. Artwork can include painting, drawing, collage, photography, fibers, pottery, sculpture, etc. There is a $10 fee for non-members to show their work, which includes membership in Jackson County Arts for the rest of 2011. Artwork will be signed in and out. Membership cards will be available that day.

Barn Tour plans are still being worked on.

New Business

We discussed providing Fair prizes like last year. Last year a $25 prize was given the Open Class Fine Arts Grand Champion. This year we will have $25 prizes for the grand champion in both amateur and professional open class fine arts categories.

Sally moved that Jackson County Arts sponsor a $25 award gift card (for art supplies) for the 4H Senior Class Fine Arts Grand Champion. The movement was seconded and passed. David and Mary Schock offered to sponsor an additional $25 prize for the other 4H age group.

Sally and Nelson offered to do some research on liability issues for small organizations.

Show and Tell

Linda showed an oil painting depicting and old-time baseball scene. Mary showed her butterfly quilt block. Nelson played a song that he wrote for guitar.


Katie demonstrated making origami butterflies that she will collect and mail to the Holocaust Museum Houston. The Museum is trying to collect 1.5 million handmade butterflies before 2013 in memory of the 1.5 million children who died during the Holocaust. You can read more information at

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Jackson County Arts is partnering with other organizations to sponsor a Barn Tour this October! More information will be posted later. Here are some photos from our booth at the Spring Expo. Members made barn pictures to advertise the upcoming tour.

3-14-11 Minutes

Jackson County Arts met Monday, March 14, 2011, at 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. The meeting began with a baked potato supper. Present were Katie Morris, Donna Kuti, Fred Appelhanz, Nelson Bontrager, Kathleen Cobb, Marian Stevens, Linda Brownlow, Gin Fox, Mary Schock, David Schock, Carol Totten, Rosalie Wilkerson, Sandra Studebaker, Marty Mavrovich, and Sarah Devader.

Secretary’s Report

Katie reported that all of the email addresses have been updated for when minutes and meeting reminders are emailed.

Treasurer’s Report

At our last meeting on 2-14-11, our balance was $399.79. $34 in dues were received and there were no expenses. Cash on hand as of 3-14-11 was $433.79. David and Katie will compile a list of members who have paid their dues.

New Business

Marty is checking on a judge for the Glory Days Art Show. David has contacted Westside Stamp and Award to get prices for ribbons. We discussed how many ribbons and colors of ribbons to order. We discussed a fee to allow non-members to show work at Glory Days that would allow them to become a member for the rest of the year. Marty moved to charge $10 for non-members to show at Glory Days, Sarah seconded the movement, and it passed. Katie moved to have a separate $5 fee for individuals under 18 to show and become a member. Marian seconded the movement and it passed. Rosalie moved to order ribbons and the movement was tabled until our April meeting. Marty, Kathleen, Sarah, and David volunteered to serve on a committee that will write a prospectus for future shows. It was suggested that members invite others to participate. We have access to 7 tables at the courthouse for the Glory Days show: 6 for artwork and 1 for check-in and refreshments. Members will be asked to bring a batch of cookies for refreshments.

Suzette shared information about Jackson County Tourism grants that are available. Gin moved to give Suzette permission to apply for the grant for future events. Carol seconded the movement and it passed.

Katie informed members about the Topeka Zoo’s photography contest. You can read more information here:

Old Business

Fair- Discussion about suggestions for Open Class Fine Arts at the fair continued. It was pointed out that if separate categories for amateurs and professionals are established, a definition of “professional” will need to be included. Jackson County Arts will provide a $25 prize for theGrand Champion in each category again this year. After lots of discussion, a movement was made to restructure the Fine Arts categories and the suggestions were given to David.

Spring Expo- March 18 & 19. Gin has reserved a booth that Jackson County Arts and Kansas Barn Alliance will share. Members can drop off barn pictures and Marty will deliver them to the fair building for the display. Gin said she could use some help working the booth Friday night and Saturday.

We looked at membership card samples that Donna created. Marty moved to allow Donna to design a membership card that incorporates multiple kinds of art. Carol seconded the movement and it passed. Donna will create and print 50 cards.


Fred Appelhanz and Nelson Bontrager both performed songs they had written on their guitars.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 11, 2011, 6:00 pm, at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. Program for April meeting: creating origami butterflies for theHolocaust Museum Houston’s Butterfly Project. (

Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting January 17, 2011

Jackson County Arts met at 6:00 on Monday, January 17, 2011. In attendance were Katie Morris, Sandy Studebaker, Marian Stevens, Gin Fox, Suzette McCord-Rogers, David Schock, Kathleen Cobb, Marty Mavrovich, Fred Appelhanz, Nelson Bontrager, Rosalie Wilkerson, Mary Schock, Linda Brownlow, and Sarah Devader. Sarah Devader hosted the meeting at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. The meeting started with a soup supper.

Old Business

Hand painted ornaments for the Fairgrounds fundraiser are still available for purchase at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. We have raised around $100 so far. Gin Fox has organized a Jackson County Barn tour with Kansas Barn Alliance for the Kansas Sesquicentennial “Paint Your Barn” celebration to be held this fall. If you would like to participateyour barn painting must include a sunflower and the word “Kansas” and the dates 1861-2011. We are hoping to get the community involved with barn painting. You can visit the Kansas Barn Alliance booth at the Jackson County Livestock Expo at the fairgrounds on January 29th or find more information at

New Business

We nominated and elected members for the following offices:

President- Mary Schock

Vice President- Linda Brownlow

Treasurer- David Schock

Secretary- Katie Morris

Program Coordinator- Sarah Devader

Officers are elected to one-year terms. The election will be held every January. It was decided to collect a $12 annual membership fee. Next, we worked on the calendar for the year.

February 14- Meeting at Sarah’s, 6:00 pm. Handmade Valentine exchange.

March 14- Meeting at Sarah’s, 6:00 pm. Music and poetry program.

April 11- Meeting at Sarah’s, 6:00 pm. Make butterflies for Holocaust Museum Houston

May 9- Meeting at Sarah’s, 6:00 pm.

May 28- Glory Days Art Show

Treasurer’s Report

We had a balance of $260.79 at our last meeting. $7 in donations collected. No expenses reported. Cash on hand at meeting time was $267.12. Membership fees were collected.

Show and Tell

Mary brought a scarf that she had embroidered with snowflakes. Sarah showed a wooden ornament that she painted. Katie showed baby pictures and partially completed drawings. Nelson played a song that he wrote and a cover of another song.