Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting January 17, 2011

Jackson County Arts met at 6:00 on Monday, January 17, 2011. In attendance were Katie Morris, Sandy Studebaker, Marian Stevens, Gin Fox, Suzette McCord-Rogers, David Schock, Kathleen Cobb, Marty Mavrovich, Fred Appelhanz, Nelson Bontrager, Rosalie Wilkerson, Mary Schock, Linda Brownlow, and Sarah Devader. Sarah Devader hosted the meeting at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. The meeting started with a soup supper.

Old Business

Hand painted ornaments for the Fairgrounds fundraiser are still available for purchase at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. We have raised around $100 so far. Gin Fox has organized a Jackson County Barn tour with Kansas Barn Alliance for the Kansas Sesquicentennial “Paint Your Barn” celebration to be held this fall. If you would like to participateyour barn painting must include a sunflower and the word “Kansas” and the dates 1861-2011. We are hoping to get the community involved with barn painting. You can visit the Kansas Barn Alliance booth at the Jackson County Livestock Expo at the fairgrounds on January 29th or find more information at

New Business

We nominated and elected members for the following offices:

President- Mary Schock

Vice President- Linda Brownlow

Treasurer- David Schock

Secretary- Katie Morris

Program Coordinator- Sarah Devader

Officers are elected to one-year terms. The election will be held every January. It was decided to collect a $12 annual membership fee. Next, we worked on the calendar for the year.

February 14- Meeting at Sarah’s, 6:00 pm. Handmade Valentine exchange.

March 14- Meeting at Sarah’s, 6:00 pm. Music and poetry program.

April 11- Meeting at Sarah’s, 6:00 pm. Make butterflies for Holocaust Museum Houston

May 9- Meeting at Sarah’s, 6:00 pm.

May 28- Glory Days Art Show

Treasurer’s Report

We had a balance of $260.79 at our last meeting. $7 in donations collected. No expenses reported. Cash on hand at meeting time was $267.12. Membership fees were collected.

Show and Tell

Mary brought a scarf that she had embroidered with snowflakes. Sarah showed a wooden ornament that she painted. Katie showed baby pictures and partially completed drawings. Nelson played a song that he wrote and a cover of another song.

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