Sunday, March 20, 2011

3-14-11 Minutes

Jackson County Arts met Monday, March 14, 2011, at 6:00 pm at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. The meeting began with a baked potato supper. Present were Katie Morris, Donna Kuti, Fred Appelhanz, Nelson Bontrager, Kathleen Cobb, Marian Stevens, Linda Brownlow, Gin Fox, Mary Schock, David Schock, Carol Totten, Rosalie Wilkerson, Sandra Studebaker, Marty Mavrovich, and Sarah Devader.

Secretary’s Report

Katie reported that all of the email addresses have been updated for when minutes and meeting reminders are emailed.

Treasurer’s Report

At our last meeting on 2-14-11, our balance was $399.79. $34 in dues were received and there were no expenses. Cash on hand as of 3-14-11 was $433.79. David and Katie will compile a list of members who have paid their dues.

New Business

Marty is checking on a judge for the Glory Days Art Show. David has contacted Westside Stamp and Award to get prices for ribbons. We discussed how many ribbons and colors of ribbons to order. We discussed a fee to allow non-members to show work at Glory Days that would allow them to become a member for the rest of the year. Marty moved to charge $10 for non-members to show at Glory Days, Sarah seconded the movement, and it passed. Katie moved to have a separate $5 fee for individuals under 18 to show and become a member. Marian seconded the movement and it passed. Rosalie moved to order ribbons and the movement was tabled until our April meeting. Marty, Kathleen, Sarah, and David volunteered to serve on a committee that will write a prospectus for future shows. It was suggested that members invite others to participate. We have access to 7 tables at the courthouse for the Glory Days show: 6 for artwork and 1 for check-in and refreshments. Members will be asked to bring a batch of cookies for refreshments.

Suzette shared information about Jackson County Tourism grants that are available. Gin moved to give Suzette permission to apply for the grant for future events. Carol seconded the movement and it passed.

Katie informed members about the Topeka Zoo’s photography contest. You can read more information here:

Old Business

Fair- Discussion about suggestions for Open Class Fine Arts at the fair continued. It was pointed out that if separate categories for amateurs and professionals are established, a definition of “professional” will need to be included. Jackson County Arts will provide a $25 prize for theGrand Champion in each category again this year. After lots of discussion, a movement was made to restructure the Fine Arts categories and the suggestions were given to David.

Spring Expo- March 18 & 19. Gin has reserved a booth that Jackson County Arts and Kansas Barn Alliance will share. Members can drop off barn pictures and Marty will deliver them to the fair building for the display. Gin said she could use some help working the booth Friday night and Saturday.

We looked at membership card samples that Donna created. Marty moved to allow Donna to design a membership card that incorporates multiple kinds of art. Carol seconded the movement and it passed. Donna will create and print 50 cards.


Fred Appelhanz and Nelson Bontrager both performed songs they had written on their guitars.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 11, 2011, 6:00 pm, at Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage. Program for April meeting: creating origami butterflies for theHolocaust Museum Houston’s Butterfly Project. (

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