Sunday, January 25, 2015

1-19-15 Minutes

Jackson County Arts met Monday, January 19th at 6:00 PM at the First Baptist Church. Present were: Sandy Studebaker-Gilbert, Katie Morris, Carol Totten, Fred Appelhanz, Linda Brownlow, David Schock, Mary Schock, Marilyn Spiker

We enjoyed appetizers and snacks before addressing items on the agenda.
The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved.

Old Business
Mural at Hornet’s Nest- On hold. Tabled until further notice.
2nd Saturday in January- Carol reported. Attendees could visit the locations around the square and turn in a punch card for a drawing. Sarah’s Enchanted Cottage had three artists painted a picture on a canvas and then rotated to work on the others’ canvases. It was an enjoyable experience and all of the paintings are on display in her shop window.
Books- Members ordered books and were happy with the quality of printing. We do not feel like we can charge any more than the lowest price Blurb offers us but can make the link available if anyone wants to order a copy of the Zoo Book.

New Business
2nd Saturday- There are still spots for artist vendors each month. We discussed if we would like to have an event on April 11. Carol will be writing a story for another Storybook Art Walk. We also want to put out a call for western/cowboy themed art and will look into. Sandy will call Hutchins to see if we can have a show in their building. We will tell Suzette about the western show for grant purposes.
Painted Chairs- We discussed having artists paint chairs that would be displayed at the August Art Walk. We need to pick up cheap wooden chairs that can be painted and need to work on a phrase or theme that would tie everything together.
2nd Saturday in June- Quilting focus. The Quilt Guild is inviting artists to paint panels inspired by quilt blocks to be displayed in storefronts. The size of the canvas is at the artist’s discretion. They will have an international quilter, quilt appraiser, and military band. They will also be presenting quilts to veterans.
Thank you gift- We discussed thank you gift ideas and will continue the discussion at a future meeting.

Linda moved that we adjourn the business portion of the meeting and Carol seconded the motion.

Show and Tell
Carol showed a painting of her granddaughter taking ballet lessons that she is working on in acrylic. Marilyn brought some hand-embroidered linens. David and Mary showed the quilt paintings they made for June. Katie talked about henna and showed the mehndi designs she’s been practicing. Fred read a couple poems he wrote called “Whispers”, “Searching”, and “Escape”.

Next Meeting- Our next meeting will be Monday, February 16, 6:00 PM in the library of the First Baptist Church. Mary will demonstrate machine felting.

Dues paid by: David and Mary Schock, Fred Appelhanz, Sandy Studebaker-Gilbert, Marilyn Spiker, Carol Totten, Linda Brownlow, Rhett and Carol Totten.

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