Hello Jackson County Artists!

We hope you are all getting excited for the first ever art walk in Holton, Kansas.  There will be a lot of variety and so many businesses have been open to hosting artists.  
As one of the artists showing, please make sure your work is labeled with your name, the name of your piece, and how much you want to sell it for, (if you are selling.)  
If you aren't selling, just make sure that your art has your name beside it.  If you have business cards it would be great to set them out as well. 

It is up to you and the business as to how you display your art work.  You may need to bring a couple easels, or command hooks so you aren't nailing holes on the walls.  
The business hosting and you, the artist, need to talk about what time you are coming in to hang your work and when you are taking it down.  Katie Morris and Amy Cyphers are just putting this together, we aren't in charge of you or your work so please make sure you are communicating with the business hosting.  Your work needs to be up by Friday at 4:00.  Final Friday Art Walk starts at 5:00.  

The ending time we have in place is 7:00.  This is just 2 hours long so make sure before it is over, or right after it is over that you take a walk around the square to view all the art work.  

Thank you all so much for taking part in this art walk.  I hope that everything goes smoothly and that we can all have a great time too!  This would be a great quarterly event, but it is lots of work, so if you are interested in being on the Final Friday committee let Katie or Amy know!  The arts are making a great comeback right now and we love what we are hearing from people getting excited about this event.  

If you have any questions before Friday please message Amy or Katie on Facebook or email jacksoncountyarts@gmail.com